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CAITLIN CRAWSHAW is a multitalented creative professional who writes, edits, and creates art in Edmonton, Alta., Canada.



An award-winning writer and editor, Caitlin has a penchant for unraveling complex subjects for audiences of all kinds. She specializes in health (especially mental health), science & technology, business, and education, but has written extensively about travel and career development, as well.


Currently, Cait is finishing up a low-residency MFA (creative writing) at the University of British Columbia. 




As an artist, Caitlin uses paint, ink, and pixels to create captivating images that tell a story. Her illustrations have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and websites.


Cait has sold and exhibited her fine art since 2009. In 2011, her art was chosen to appear on billboards across Alberta as part of the Art Upon Request project. In 2012, her work was selected to appear on the plaques awarded at Edmonton's National Philanthropy Day.

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